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5 Things To Do When Your iPhone Sound is not working

  • It's natural that your mobile phone got stuck or damage or may b you broke your iPhone screen but it can be repaired. There are ways through which you can repair your mobile phones
  • Your iPhone may get stuck in silent mode Problem: If your iPhone is in silent mode, you may not hear ringtones and other notification sounds when people try to contact you. Fix: you can restore iPhone to ringtone mode by using the ringtone / mute switch on the side of the iPhone. Some iPad models also have the same switch, so this tip can also very well apply to iPad users.

    The device's volume may be down

    Issue: If you don't receive ringtones, text sounds, and other ringing tones when you receive a notification, but the video and music play normally, then the ringtone volume is full. It decreases and multimedia volume increases. There are two separate settings in iOS

    FIX: To adjust the ringer volume, simply adjust the volume without volume buttons when no media is playing, or instead go to Settings> Sound and Haptics and select the Ringer volume and alarm slider to the desired level. Drag to.

    Your device's media volume maybe all the way up

    Issue: If you do not hear music and videos, but your ringtone is loud and clear, this is because your colorful volume is adapted, but your device's separate media volume level Can be closed in any way.

    Fix: You can adjust your device's media volume by separating it from the color volume by dragging the volume slider into the control center.

  • Your case may be interrupting the speaker of your device

    Issue: Some of the security issues you use with your iPhone are causing noise disruptions and giving it the effect of playing underwater as the sound waves have nowhere to go. Some highly-regarded security issues are known to be malicious because you trade in to protect your user experience, but never deny that your case can become a problem.

  • Fix: To see if your issue is causing the problem, remove it and try to hear the sound again. If this still sounds distorted or distorted, then the aforementioned dust idea can be your culprit instead of the matter itself. If this is the case, you either have to find a new brand, go without issues, or deal with the problem.

  • Other Possible Fixes

    If none of the above matters to you, then there are other things you can do to try to resolve your concerns. These are:

    Turn off your device and run it again

    If this is a software error, which may happen from time to time, you may want to try shutting down your device frequently and fix it. Usually, a hard reset is best, which can be done by pressing and holding the Power and Home buttons for 10 seconds until the iPhone is restarted.

    Restore to the latest version of iOS

    It may be that something in the iOS software itself is corrupted, and installing an updated copy of iOS can fix the problem by re-checking all your settings.

    Connect the headset and see if the sound works

    If you can't hear anything with the built-in speakers after trying all of the steps above, but are able to hear sounds through the headset when the headset is connected, there may be a problem with your built-in speakers. General Chat Chat Lounge

    If you believe that a problem is associated with a built-in speaker, then most likely you will need to visit an Apple Store for speaker service. If the device is not guaranteed, it should be replaced for free. Otherwise, you may face bench and labor charges.